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Chocolate Fudge Torte
An exquisite cream cheese and berry filling between layers of flourless chocolate cake. Topped with a rich chocolate ganache.

Individual Cheesecake
A timeless favorite that needs no ornamentation. Round, fluffy cheesecake in a buttery graham-cracker crust.

Chocolate Lava Cake
Molten dark chocolate baked inside a light chocolate cake and topped with a chilled creme fraiche

Fresh Fruit Cobbler
A refreshing combination of sweet peaches and tart apples baked inside a flaky crust.
Served warm with gourmet vanilla bean gelato.

Lemon Zest Crème Torte
A piquant, palate-cleansing mixture of cream cheese and fresh lemon zest between layers of moist white cake.

Espresso and Irish Cream Tiramisù
A rich, whipped filling enveloped by ladyfingers soaked in espresso and Irish cream. Topped with dark chocolate shavings.

Caramel Custard
A divine traditional cream custard served with a caramelized sugar sauce.

House Made Crème Puff or Éclair (Choose one shape)
A light pastry shell stuffed with a luscious mixture of Italian cream and whipped cream.
Éclairs are then dipped in rich dark chocolate.

Fresh Berry Napoleon
A crispy puff pastry lined with contrasting layers of smooth butter cream and fresh berry filling.

Fresh Strawberry Shortcake (seasonal)
Ripe, light seasoned strawberries served atop a homemade semi sweet biscuit. Topped with chilled creme fraiche.

Apple Dumpling
A fragrant mixture of fresh green apples, cinnamon and sugar baked in a flaky pastry shell.
Served warm with a gourmet vanilla bean gelato.

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Dominic’s at Oyster Point